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arks_angel's Journal

Maria Robotnik (Sega)
Character name: Maria Robotnik

Version: Sega, before the ARK raid

Personality: The first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Maria is kind. She has an incredible gift for love and forgiveness. She’s usually quick to try and make friends with anyone she can, even the most unlikely of people. However, in being so young and isolated for much of her life, she is also incredibly naive, lacking first-hand knowledge about Earth and the inhabitants thereof. In fact, some terminology that any average 12-year-old would completely comprehend don't always come readily to mind: areas like deserts or forests, weather like snow, activities like shopping, are not common words in her vocabulary simply because she has only read or been told about them and has never experienced any of it for herself. Concepts such as sarcasm fly completely over her head most of the time. Most of the people she knows she has grown up with through her life, so she is trusting of just about anyone who returns the same kindness she shows them. She is naturally curious and has a strong desire to learn but normally attempts to stay out of trouble, out of the way, and away from things she knows are too complex for her. She is comfortable trying to live her life as normally as she knows how, which isn't the most normal of circumstances.

Items: Nothing save the clothes on her back and a book about Earth.

History: Maria lived about 50 years ago aboard the ARK, the first Bernal sphere space colony with her grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik. She was sent there by her parents who remained on Earth at a young age (too young to remember anything about her home planet) because of her incurable illness--NIDS (Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome), a progressively debilitating disease that would, if left untreated, eventually kill her, causing fatigue, difficulty walking, and other worrying symptoms--and because of the work the Professor was doing on the ARK. The government had asked him to engineer immortality, and while he was reluctant to do so, he desperately sought a way to save his granddaughter’s life, and so he agreed. Her disease in and of itself was not immediately fatal, but it would potentially, in just a few years’ time, leave her confined to a wheelchair, cause blindness, or worse. The lessened gravity aboard the colony was easier on her, and she was useful in her grandfather’s research to find his “cure”, testing her blood and cell samples, thereby speeding his progress, seeing what worked and what didn’t. It also allowed him to keep a close eye on her condition in one of the most advanced scientific research facilities known to man. It was tireless work with other creations involved, such as weapons and failed prototypes. Project Shadow, as it soon came to be called, yielded the Ultimate Life Form — namely, Shadow the Hedgehog.

Maria had other friends aboard the ARK, such as the future commander of the Guardian Units of Nations (GUN) who was also a young child at the time, and the other scientists who grew to be like the family that infrequently was allowed to communicate with the ARK, but her greatest friendship came from Shadow. She had no knowledge of the awful deal that had been made between her grandfather and Black Doom, leader of a hostile alien race, therefore no knowledge about how he was truly created or his purpose. She and Shadow would spend much of their time talking about the Earth, what the Professor said it was like, how it would be wonderful to someday go down there.

Eventually in her future, GUN would raid the ARK to destroy the research, killing almost everyone including her, and the rest is history from there, but instead, she one night finds herself tumbling into unfamiliar surroundings--the city of Station Square.

This is a roleplaying journal for station_square by shadowesque13.
[Maria Robotnik] belongs to [Sega/Sonic Team].